Heavy MX Pants
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Heavy MX Pants

45,000 JPY

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Based on the patterns and fabrics we propose These motocross pants allow you to customize your favorite color and size. It is no exaggeration to say that it is leather of fabric, by using canvas fabric It keeps comfortable breathability and also has easy care. ★ How to order★ 【Inquiries】 wheels.garments@gmail.com Or please contact us from the inquiry email of our store. 【Size development】 W26 · 28 · 30 · 32 · 34 · 36 inch size deployment. (It is the size that Levi's became high waist) We will respond to height and some minor corrections, but full-order production is possible if major corrections are required. (Separate cost) 【Material】 Soft-made high-quality 13oz Canvas made in Japan. Familiar with the body and wear, is a material that combines robustness and comfort. In addition, you can choose denim material etc. 【Patted】 In consideration of the balance of shock absorption, repulsive force, and ease of movement, 2.4cm thick urethane foam is used. 【Color】 Natural white, Black, Red, Mustard, Navy, Green etc. 【Delivery date】 The delivery date is around 2 months. It changes with the reservation situation. 【Cost】 JPY 45,000 (tax free) + International postal expenses ※ paypal payment The switch turns into a sense of security and wears more, and it will put out more speed. However, Sunday riders can not be injured. Because it is not your own body To be able to continue a pleasant culture for a long time Keep a balance between style and safety.