Shipping fee change information

[Shipping fee change information]

New air shipping charges

* Europe / Canada / Oceania area
JPY 4300 ➡ New charge JPY 2110

* Asia area
JPY 2400 ➡ New charge JPY 1680

JPY 4900 ➡ New charge JPY 2580

★ It is changed from July 1st.
(Price for one pair of trousers)

However, the arrival of luggage will be a little late.
* Europe / Canada / Oceania area
1 week ➡ about 14 days

* Asia area
5 days ➡ about 10 days

10 days ➡ about 18 days

Currently, the fee is covered by damage insurance,
Recently, the transportation environment has improved, so
Luggage is no longer crushed.

Therefore, we will ship without insurance from July 1st.

If damage occurs,
We will responsibly guarantee the replacement.
Thank you for your understanding.