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Sales Price

Japanese yen display.
Tax Free.

International Mail Shipping Cost (EMS) is required separately.
【Shipping fee】
・Asia JPY2,400~
・Oceania, North America JPY3,300~
・Europe, Other JPY3,650~

・Asia JPY1,400~
・Oceania, North America JPY2,000~
・Europe, Other JPY2,200~

Timing and Method of Payment of Price

The payment is complete and the order is confirmed.

Credit card and paypal are available.

Returns Policy

【For return】
In the case of damage or defective product.

In case of image difference.

【Size exchange】
Size exchange is possible.

All shipping costs will be paid by the customer.

Delivery Period for Services or Goods

We will ship within 5 days after ordering.

We will inform you of the EMS number.


Company; Wheels & Garments
Sales person; Masatoshi Matsuoka
Address; 1-14-10 Sugiodai Kitaku Kobe-city Hyogo Japan
Contact; TEL/FAX +81-78-593-2279

Name and Contact Information of Company

Corporate Name:Wheels & Garments

Name:Masatoshi Matsuoka

Address:1-14-10 Sugiodai Kitaku Kobe-city Hyogo, 6511146 JAPAN


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